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A few things

A few things:

Would it be possible to schedule a regular teaming night? The vast majority of my playing is on Virtue ( where my SG Divination Incorporated) and VG ( Clan Des'Array) are.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are not particularly good for me: Sunday and Monday are both Mothership raid days, and I do so love the raids. Tuesday is the Virtue Hami raid, while not a huge fan of the raid, I do like hunting GMs, and helping out.
Really, Wednesday and Thursday work the best, most weekends I'm away from home Friday night, and many Saturdays. Other Saturdays, I'm running my table top game ( BSG for anyone curious).

Normally I'm a font of character ideas... but frankly I'm struggling with mine. It's been a good seven years since I was involved in an active L5R table top game. My gaming group in Denver was filled with Rokuganiphiles, here... we've just now played a game of Fortress of the Mountain Witch ( I highly recommend this game btw ) and a few of them have said they'd be willing to watch Seven Samurai.
Help would be appreciated, Shosuro Hari is my TA/Arch defender ( though I'm temped to make him an Arch/Dev blaster with the changes to defiance) and my Bayushi is a Fire/Kin controller ( Kin instead of dark as I like the concept of him being a Scorpion and using an enemies strength against themselves).

I'm rather out of touch with the history in Rokugan after The Day of Seven Thunders ( and I'm not even sure that's the right term). I really liked John Wick's take on Rokugan more so than his predecessors. ( btw, he's on LJ as wickedthought, again, IIRC ).

And last... is there going to be a character gallery?


Dec. 11th, 2007 09:07 pm (UTC)
I say wait on the characte gallery till they have the City Vault official website up.

Then we can use that as a link to import character portraits, and or just link to our SG thru that. I think one of the features will be a listing of active SGs, and it will show the list of all active members of the SG. So one click and you get to see us all, and then some. :)

x Jeremy M. - Isawa Tsuko

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