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Music for the video?

I have a CD of music from the Denver Taiko group, I'd also recommend several of the pieces from Symphonic Suite Akira.

Tentative scheduling for JM commercial!

Does anyone have a problem with showing up on Triumph with your CoH characters on Tuesday, November 13th, at 8pm?  (That's 10pm EST, 9pm CST, 7pm PST, etc.)  I don't care about level, I DO care about getting as many of us in this commercial as possible.  This is not just about Nasami.

(Also, for those who want to build I-11 characters, I am willing to also have us shoot on the test server, but I need to know who all can get onto it.  Nasami is already there.)

The commercial for the Obsidian Horde is on temporary hold until I figure out what music I want to use.  I don't have one yet, so that video's concept is just not flowing.


Base announcement!

For the members of the Jade Magistrates, I have recently added an Inspiration Storage to the base (I sold our Invention table for the moment to take advantage of the flood of Tier 3 inspirations made available thanks to Halloween).

However, we are drastically short on both prestige and inspirations, so kindly take some time between today and tomorrow to trick-or-treat for inspirations and store them in the base.  And remember to ToT in supergroup mode!

Thank you!

Michelle (Kakita Nasami)


Roll Call, Please!

I need all members of the Jade Magistrates and the Obsidian Horde to reply to this post with a time that is good for you for a group get together.  Right now this is a one time shot deal, as our esteemed samurai_ko wishes to make a Jade Magistrates Commercial!!  I'd like to see Global Handle, Character Name, days and times available.  An example follows.

Global:@The Arctic Witch
Character(s)(Faction):Kakita Jaida (Hero), Mirumoto Yuriko (Hero), Bayushi Kiyomi (Villain)
Days and Times: Any day or time works for me, I'm in EST zone.


Welcome to the New Community!

I'd like to take a moment to make a post welcoming in all of our members and prospective members! If you have not done so, be sure to check out www.samuraikoproductions.com for all the info regarding the Jade Magistrates.  The Villains group, Obsidian Horde, has been formed with two members and are looking for more!  Contact me in game as @The Arctic Witch for an invite, or reply to this or any of my posts!